my autobiography a.k.a challenge 1

Part 1 spooooooky


In the beginning there was a dark and stormy night. With a tall gloomy castle that shadowed the small town bellow. The year was 2001 when a mad scientist named Terence was working in his lab when a rat knocked over a over a vile of ammonia  when bam the cauldron exploded and fell over and a small creature appeared from the the goo Terry grabbed it and brought it up to his girlfriend. showed it to her and she immediately noticed and said its a baby so they raised him and named him Kyuss.

Part ½

Early years my first memory is when i lived in Vancouver and went to my grandmas house in the forests an hour away from kamloops. i remember well i was there we went hiking on a really nice traill. my first day of school was kind of odd but my teacher was nice her name was mrs. door scuazine. my first friends were josh.k erik evan.r isaac as i got older i started to like more things like weird foods. one thing i’ve always liked is megabloks when i was little it was dragones but since 2009 i’ve liked halo. but i pretty much like everything halo now toys games apparel. which is now one of my hobbies. also i like gaming on f.p.s or action comedy games

part 2 growing up

one of my special talents is drawing modelling and designing but I also like to build and take apart complicated things and of course I am quite good at gaming.  the sports I enjoy are karate and football I am a green almost purple belt in karate. one of the worst years of my life were the ones I spent in miss merianos class sorry but its true just for the  reason that I think she hated me and I got in trouble for nonsensical things and some of the things she said were quite mean. I don’t really have a favourite family member but my parents are split up. but I love them for the reason we’re all weird and we’ve done things most families have and there’s nothing I would change.

part 3 me and the future

in the future I’d like to work for a gaming company called bungi more specifically a 3 d modalere and like most people in the world win the lotto

the end


destiny news!

destiny symboleDestiny is an open world si- fi  shooter so exited it will be sold on these consoles  Xbox 360, Xbox one, ps3 and ps4. and they are trying to get it for pc. i really want this game and the game is in alpha stage. but the beta will be out soon. they game is said to be released some time around spring 2014 acutely i assume sometime may or April.  extremely looking up more info one this game but i also will be doing more on this .



joke submitted by !isaac642! Never listen to atoms, they make up everything.

good joke.   instead of making up a date for joke pocalypse you guys decide and put it in the comments @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0;;000’sdfozgtmce4jktop’gklf0-i93w0 sorry sneezed.
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challenge du!

niagra falls pic 1      Hello Mr tinkelson here again doing challenge 2

some of the iconic places around me are the Niagara falls that pretty much it. but I go out west every year and see many things such as west Edmonton mall and other fancy           things I cant remember but being me that happens allot and don’t forget to leave an address to your blog so I can visit your site <(‘_’)>

image source                                                                                                   mr tinkelson away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my first post


hello my name is jdfghuowaohkuihaio I mean kyuss and this is my blog

I will be posting stuff for school but as in the title I will be cover news/info exiting facts videos and post on action (f.p.s) video games including halo destiny borderlands and any requests that pop up allot  I will try to read most comments and reply to those i find interesting don’t be afraid to correct or add info which would be very appreciated and occasionally some very odd randomness. also every Tuesday will be joke pocalypse  were u put in the comments a funny joke and if I feel its the best I will fetcher it in my next update

 sincerely Mr.tinkelson

p.s dont forget to to eat the occasional liver wait  I mean cheatoe